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Une adaptation est nécessaire, patience merci / An adaptation is necessary, patience thank you
необходима адаптация, терпение спасибо / التكيف ضروري ، نشكرك على صبرك " / 為了適應,謝謝你的耐心等待

TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL / Video / Stryper / 0131

Expo-Bible, petite France, Strasbourg



1. Abyss (To Hell with the Devil)

2. To Hell with the Devi

3. Calling On You

4. Free

5. Honestly

6. The Way

7. Sing-Along Song

8. Holding On

9. All of Me

10. More Than a Man


Jésus t’aime

Jesus te dit je t'aime




Eglise Dauphin777


 Adonaï Le Bon Metal